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Integrated Vessel Solutions for Commercial & Military Operators

We work with our clients to ensure correct vessel selection & levels of through life support

Crew Transfer Vessels

South Boats IOW has an extensive portfolio of crew transfer vessels for the offshore wind farm and oil and gas sectors. With a range from 13m to 28m, there is a vessel to suit the meteorological conditions of every project, be it a small inshore project in the UK, Round 3 offshore project in the UK, North Sea German Bight or the ice conditions on the German Baltic Sea. South Boasts IOW wind farm vessels are a proven, dependable, low risk option for all projects and clients.

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Military & Security

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Supply/Dive Support

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Ferries & Passenger Launches

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Patrol Craft

South Boats IOW's catamaran hull forms offer stability, speed and efficiency making them suitable for all manners of coastal and offshore patrol craft. With hull forms from 13m to 28m there is a design to suit any patrol application. Already in service are 12m Police Command Vessels and 12m Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority Vessels. Larger vessels could offer a multi-role deterrent including mother/daughter capability with fast interceptor RIB's, anti-pollution capability with containment booms and dispersant, airport rescue capability with quickly deployed life raft capacity for 1,200 people and survivor capability with over 200 persons on-board. All configurations could be fitted with surveillance radar, long range communications, night vision and thermal imaging equipment and of course could be ballistic-protected and armed.

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Hydrographic Survey & Research

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Oil Spill Response

South Boats IOW offer a range of oil spill recovery vessels based on their highly successful proven 13m-28m designs. Designed and built to suit any application with optional Fi-Fi equipment, dispersant and containment booms, the larger vessels even offer accommodation, emergency response on board meeting rooms and provision to tailor the design to suit any operator or climatic requirement.

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Drawing Board

South Boats IOW has a proven range of designs from 13m up to 28m covering a wide spread of operations from rapid response vessels through oil spill response craft, police and patrol vessels, survey and research craft up to multi - purpose DP2 workboats. In addition to the existing range, the company has a group design team with a wide portfolio of additional and alternative designs to enable the company to respond to any requirement. Approaching 200 South Boats IOW designed/built vessels can be found operating in Europe, Scandinavia, Canada and soon America.

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